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New Employee at CRE.

We welcome Nita Pratiwi S.H. who is recruited by mid 2014 as our Project Admin and General Affair staff. Nita has her bachelor degree from University of Padjajaran Bandung majoring in International Law.


Continuous Batch Electro Coagulation System

Our R&D Department have successfully develop the continuous batch Electro Coagulation reactor, this will allow client to treat their waste water simultaneously  without the old traditional “Batch” system which will significantly reduce the operational cost etc.


New Contract Award from Exxon Mobil Indonesia

In collaboration with PT. PPLI, CRE have successfully awarded a 5 years contract for their Operation and Maintenance of Hazardous Waste Incinerator. We would like to thank you to Exxon Mobil and PT. PPLI that give their trust to us for this long term services.



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